Planning for Emergencies

— Kay Allen, Emergency Planning Coordinator As the Emergency Planning Coordinator for the City of Dripping Springs, my job is to find ways to deal with hazards and disasters that may affect our community. It’s a team effort that involves first responders (fire department, EMS, law enforcement), church groups, community civic groups and service organizations, […]

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What’s Regulated in the City Limits vs. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction?

Some of the most common questions we receive about zoning and land development regulations are how they relate to new developments. The answers really depend on location. That’s because many regulations that apply within city limits, by law, do not apply in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction or ETJ. I’ll explain further along in this post. […]

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Dripping with Holiday Spirit

— Rachel Goodnight As we prepare to gather as a community, and ring in the holidays with Christmas on Mercer Street this weekend, I’m excited to share with you that downtown Dripping Springs will shine brighter than it has in previous years. That’s because a lot of time and effort have gone into giving our […]

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Welcome to The Dripping Post!

Welcome to The Dripping Post! We are thrilled to bring you stories and information about the City of Dripping Springs. For this first post, we’d like to explain why you’re reading this in the first place. We want to keep an open dialogue with our citizens and we want folks to stay informed of the […]

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