Addressing the Rumor Mill on Social Media

City Staff, City Commissioners and City Council understand that at times controversial issues are going to come before them. People will be passionate about topics or the outcome of decisions. As Americans, we have the right to our opinions and the freedom to express them. That’s the beauty of our democracy.
In a social media world, however, people will understandably take to their computers and share these passions. The not so nice comments will ensue but most importantly misinformation is often posted.

Maybe it’s my journalism background talking, but in a day and age when anyone can now go live and post information, we should all be thinking like journalists as well. That means fact-checking. Consider these questions when coming across a thread.
Who is saying the information? Is the source credible? Where did this person get the information?
When in doubt, please call the city. We have an open-door policy and any of our city staff, commissioners or elected officials are willing to meet with you. Take the time to make an appointment and speak with them to get your questions answered, straight from the source itself. Your voice indeed matters and we want to hear from you.

About the Blogger

Bonnie Gonzalez photo Bonnie Gonzalez is the Communications Coordinator for the City of Dripping Springs. Prior to joining the city, she was the Editor in Chief for the Dripping Springs Century News. Before working in print, she was a Television Reporter for Time Warner Cable News in Austin (now called Spectrum News). When she’s not working or spending time with family and friends, she’s buried in her textbooks, as she’s currently pursuing her Masters in Strategic Public Relations through The George Washington University.

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