We Want Your Feedback on a Proposed Site Development Ordinance Amendment

By: Anjali Naini, City Planner

City Staff has identified a need to amend the City’s Site Development Ordinance. Site development entails horizontal improvements to the land prior to commencement of building construction including site grading, parking and driveway paving, drainage improvements, sedimentation and water quality controls. The City reviews site development permit applications in both the city limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Due to limitations by State law, the City can only enforce certain aspects of the Site Development Ordinance in the ETJ. The goal of the proposed amendments is to streamline the review process; clarify standards that have been a source of confusion; and ensure the City is enforcing up-to-date standards.

The proposed amendments include: creation of a site development review committee to consist of the city administrator, city engineer, and city planner; administrative review and approval by the site development review committee for variances; clarifications to application requirements and review criteria; addition of language for required signature blocks on the cover sheet; separate standards for projects in the city limits versus the ETJ; various updates to standards and procedures based on current planning and engineering practices; and changes to public notification procedures.

The Planning & Zoning Commission will be re-considering recommendation of the proposed ordinance amendments during its meeting on August 28, 2018 and the City Council will consider taking action during its  meeting on September 18, 2018. The City encourages attendance during the public hearings to voice concerns or support for the proposed changes and welcomes feedback prior to the meetings. If you would like to provide written comments, please send them to City Planner Anjali Naini at anaini@cityofdrippingsprings.com.

About the Blogger:

Anjali Headshot

Anjali Naini has over eight years of professional planning experience, having worked for the Bojorquez Law Firm and GrantWorks prior to joining the City of Dripping Springs. As City Planner, Anjali is responsible for reviewing development applications, and providing analyses and staff reports for items considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. Anjali holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Trinity University and a Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin. Anjali is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

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