Welcome to The Dripping Post!

Welcome to The Dripping Post! We are thrilled to bring you stories and information about the City of Dripping Springs.

For this first post, we’d like to explain why you’re reading this in the first place. We want to keep an open dialogue with our citizens and we want folks to stay informed of the latest happenings in the city.

Having our own blog allows us to tell our own in-depth stories straight from the source. Our posts will be written by various officials, staff members and volunteers. The blog’s goal is to cover a variety of topics highlighting new initiatives, providing updates, announcing events and more.

With the launch of this blog, we are creating one more communications channel to engage with our community. We look forward to connecting!

— Mayor Todd Purcell, City of Dripping Springs

Mayor Todd Purcell

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Dripping Post!

  1. The city website and blog should have a mechanism to allow citizens to sign up for notices (with delivery to email/RSS/etc.) of new content, public notices, meeting agendas and minutes, etc. on the website/blog. Especially since the city has moved to limit public notice and participation recently, having a mechanism through which information can flow or push notifications can be delivered to residents should be enacted. This process is ubiquitous throughout government and private sector websites. If the City has any concern about conducting its business in a transparent manner, this simple technological tool could help the City provide a level of service and information sharing that is common across the board for public and private entities.


    1. Hi Holly,
      Thank you for your comment. The very basis for this blog is transparency as it gives us one more channel in which to share city news with our community. Readers can subscribe and be alerted of posts each time a new entry is posted. Please subscribe. You can do so by entering your e-mail address in the grey box on the bottom right hand side of the screen where it says follow. We are also working with our webhost to develop a subscriber-based notification system. Stay tuned…


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